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Traditional education has left many lost in space, disconnected and overwhelmed. But gone are the days of traditional learning.

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Education and Modern Learners.

Create study sessions by uploading PDFs, links, notes, and the app will automatically organise and adapt based on your progress.

Time Management

Automatic colour-coding of your activities, scheduled study sessions, milestones and reminders.

Past paper analysis

Digitalization of past-papers, instant grading & feedback, and personalized study recommendations.

Learning Games

Automatically chosen based on exam type; Examples: Math Ninja, Word Monster, Showdown, Time Travel Trivia,…

Smart Flash Cards

Speech-to-text function, label/draw diagrams, multiple choice, and interactive & adaptive mechanisms.

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Drawing from in-depth research and the expertise of 35 PhD scholars, it was like we'd deciphered the code to a future of unparalleled learning with Decoded.

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The app color-codes your study, work, and social activities, providing actionable insights into your learning habits and tailored advice for improvement.


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